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Friday, July 23, 2010

My Apology Of Sorts/A Renewal of Sorts

Hello Universe,

First off, let me just that I deeply apologize for not updating any of my blogs in over a month. I've been wrapped up in various time-consuming engagements, plus it's summer and nobody wants to work hard during summer of course. That was definitely my bad.

BUT to anyone who cares, I should be getting back into the swing of things relatively soon. If you hadn't already noticed, this post is posted on an entirely separate blog section that for the time being shall be called "Salty The Beast Speaks." This is most likely going to be a temporary title because, personally, I think I can do better with titles. But to anyone reading this who happens to formulate a legit title for the blog, feel free to comment below. And subscribe if you just can't get enough of my asinine ramblings.

Another thing: this blog is going to essentially be a fusing of both of my previous blogs. That means that movie reviews and music reviews will both be featured when I get around to them. Aside from that, I hope to add a few more special features to my (cue sarcasm) large arsenal of cyber-content I am already providing. Whether it be movie news I find interesting, music news I find interesting, video game reviews...maybe even video reviews of stuff in the future (major tease); basically just whatever floats my boat.

I think that just about covers all that I have to say. So on that note, I believe it's time for some Avenged Sevenfold.


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Anonymous said...

Your review was spot on.