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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Really? Really now?

Hey, for all I know, it could be great. I'm just saying that what I've seen of it so far has bad news written all over it. Just judging by the trailer, its easy to point out a plethora of the problems faced with modern-day retreads. For example, the CG animation is much too inconsistent in style compared to the surrounding real world, the humor is below-average and mostly involves uninspired slapstick routines, and most importantly, the beloved timeless classic is being SULLIED with brutally blatant modernization. I mean, who at all did NOT cringe when Boo-Boo turned on the radio playing the corniest tool-bag rock music of the day? Not to mention the option of 3D. Sure, I did like it for the first few months, but seriously now, it's just getting ridiculous what studios are doing to make an extra buck nowadays.

Like I said, I haven't seen the movie yet. What I am saying is that if the movie in question is what the trailer is leading me to believe, then something is wrong. Somebody absolutely NEEDS to make a good reimagining/reinventing/re-whatever of a series or franchise. In my lifetime, I've had to witness the demise of "Fat Albert" (uggggh), "Alvin And The Chipmunks" (double ugggghh), "Transformers" (the biggest UUUUUGGGGGHHH of them all), and soon to be most likely, "The Smurfs"; you get the idea. So, I suppose what this comes down to is that I honestly and sincerely hope the movie presented to me is smarter than it is letting on. It's asking alot and the plea probably won't be fulfilled, but whatever. I just thought I would speak my mind.

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