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Sunday, August 15, 2010

BRÜTAL SØNG OF THE WEEK: "Suffocating Sight" by Trivium

Hello and welcome to a new feature entitled Brütal Søng of the Week. Starting now, I shall pick a song that I have been particularly interested in over the last week and discuss why exactly I think it is so brütal. Note: "Brütal" does not necessarily mean it has to be metal all the time (but because we ARE talking about me, don't be alarmed if the said genre gets examined more than a few times).

But enough about that. My Brütal Søng of the Week (August 15th-August 21st) is "Suffocating Sight" by Trivium off their album Ascendancy.

Now I'm not at all the biggest fan of metalcore, but Heafy and the gang succeeded in pulling me in this time. The track features addictive main riffs and verse riffs right from the get-go. As is with most metalcore songs, the screaming during the verses doesn't quite work for me at first. BUT Heafy pulls a Corey Taylor during the first chorus and actually employs joyous melody among the heaviness (quick show of hands: who would of ever linked this song to the word 'joyous?'). Also employed is a decidedly dark and slow-tempo mosh section that works effectively. The transition to this reminds me very much of the first tempo change in "This Love" by Pantera. Closing the song is a swift and unexpected key change in the chorus, allowing for a Metallica-esque vibe to occur. "Suffocating Sight" packs a punch for its diminutive length and has reappeared many times in my head throughout the past week. Thus, I christen the song to be Brütal.

Stay tuned for more of my random nonsense in the future and a new Brütal Søng next Sunday.


1 comment:

Courtney said...

Would you have ever guessed it, Suffocating Sight is actually the song that got me in to listening more intently to Trivum. :)
Imagiiiiiiine that one.
I approve of this weeks choice, Dalton. Good call.