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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Anna Brady (Amy Adams), a big city real estate staging consultant, is fed up with waiting for her long-time boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) to propose to her. Out of impatience, Anna boldly plans to follow her boyfriend to Dublin, Ireland while he is on a business trip to pop the question herself. This is due to a romantic tradition carried on in Ireland in which on any 29th day of February (leap day), it becomes suitable for the woman to propose to the man.

However (since this is a romantic comedy after all), it soon becomes apparent that the luck of the Irish is not turning out in Anna's favor. Due to transportation difficulties, she is only able to make it to the Dingle Peninsula before she has to make it on her own. At a nearby pub, she encounters Declan O'Callaghan (Matthew Goode), an overly insouciant schmuck. The two immediately don't hit it off despite Declan's generous offer to accompany Anna on her trip to Dublin. By this point, the movie might as well be writing itself. The characters are only to be placed in awkward and/or humiliating situations from this moment on.

But what I am concerned about is whether or not "Leap Year" really works regardless of its familiarity. Unfortunately, the concept is just about as tired as it sounds AND does not add enough new material to give it any sort of memorable appeal. Once again, this is another film in which two seemingly different people end up falling for each other (oops, *spoiler alert!*), only this time, it occurs within a matter of, oh, two days?! Point is we've already seen this done too many times before. And it does not help that Anna and Declan seem to be devoid of any charm or chemistry when they are onscreen together.

Now, that's not to say that the two leads are not likeable with their characters. There has not been an Amy Adams movie I have seen in which I didn't enjoy her role to some degree. Hell, she saved what was fundamentally a run-of-the-mill romcom with her bubbly yet innocent role as the princess in 2007's "Enchanted." And I don't have a problem with Matthew Goode as an actor; I suppose he's good enough (there is a pun in there somewhere). However, even these two cannot save "Leap Year" from its lackluster premise and uninspired writing.


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