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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Thought Food...

Quick show of hands: Is this not the most epic picture of me ever?

Hello, good people. Today I finished the original draft for my college essay. I would be humbled if you guys give it a check-upon before it gets muddled down into "not-my-own-work" territory.

Throughout my life, I have had an ardent interest in films. I have always had a fascination with the creativity, skill and overall presentation that went into making feature-length pictures. My interest began with Pixar’s 1995 animated film "Toy Story." The film was unlike anything that had ever been made before that point, being the first film to be entirely created using computer graphics. Aside from a technical viewpoint, the script was captivating enough to appeal to adults without condescending to the targeted children audience. Ever since then, I have had a great love for all things film.

In my younger years, I had aspirations of becoming a filmmaker. Using a small camcorder, I made many short films in collaboration with some of my friends and family. I had little knowledge about the business itself, but I was driven to make my own creations despite any difficulties I faced. In seventh grade, I took a video production course at school, in which films were examined and videos were shot and edited. Through this class, I obtained a large amount of the cognition I still retain to this day about cutting and constructing video footage to make a fluent and appealing project. However, without access to the necessary equipment or computer programs, I had no choice but to put my dreams aside for a few years.

During these years off from making movies, I became very interested in the art of film criticism, specifically that of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. Reading their written reviews and watching their video reviews from their television program "At The Movies," my eyes became open to several attributes that contribute to a film’s overall presentation, such as character development, camera direction and sophisticated writing. After being exposed to all of this, I started to refer back to movies that I perceived as my favorites. I was able to identify flaws I could never have noticed before, as well as recognize the strong aspects that made me enjoy the films to a higher degree. My taste in movies became much more open regarding genres and variety, and I found myself going to theaters more often to watch the newest releases and compare my opinions to the more popular critics.

Finally, I created a blog in which I could share my thoughts on new releases with my friends and family. Humbly I began by posting just a few short paragraphs that were either clearly positive or clearly negative. However, my popularity continued to grow around my school and on other sites I posted on. The blogs got longer and more elaborate and more people began to take my opinion into consideration before watching the films for themselves. One of the most surreal moments of my life occurred in January 2010 when I saw one of my recent reviews (for the movie "Legion") located in the ‘featured content’ section on a film community site on which I posted regularly. Just the thought of having someone from somewhere else in the world view my post left me dumbfounded and the fact that it was somewhat of a reality was simply unbelievable.

Presently, I continue to update my blog (which has since branched into music reviews as well) and capture and create digital video projects. Just as I myself have matured, so have my interests, tastes and personal expectations for myself. This process continues to be a rewarding experience for me. And, as my high school education is completed, I look forward to college and the opportunity to expand and grow as a filmmaker and critic.

Hope you enjoyed that long and monotonous trek through my life.

Peace and love,

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