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Sunday, September 12, 2010

BRÜTAL SØNG OF THE WEEK: "Capillarian Crest" by Mastodon

Happy Sunday, people. You know what time it is? Of course you do, you read the name of this blog post. So for the 12th to the 18th of September, my Brütal Søng of the Week is going to be “Capillarian Crest” by Mastodon from their album Blood Mountain.

(sorry people, this is the closest I could get to finding the actual album version on YouTube)

I love the experimental aspects of metal that Mastodon is constantly exploring, and “Capillarian Crest” is one of the coolest and most experimental tracks on Blood Mountain. On this song, we see the full extent of drummer Brann Dailor’s talent as he switches between numerous time signatures and feels. The guitar riffs and harmonies certainly do not disappoint either; they are just as heavy and complex as usual. The song structure is just all over the place, seemingly tangible and times and scattered other times. There is a long middle section that alludes to the avant-garde vibe of King Crimson that I really valued. Mastodon is one of the smartest bands out right now in terms of composition and exploration, which is why I have to give their song “Capillarian Crest” the stamp of Brütality.

Don’t walk away angry, just walk away. But come back next Sunday for another Brütal Søng of the Week.


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