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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Take a close look at this image if you will.

If you know me personally, you might know that I just recently turned seventeen and could now legitimately get into R-rated movies. But I’ll be damned if when I went to review “Machete,” I got stopped at a Regal Cinema and told that I had to be eighteen to purchase a ticket for an R-rated movie in the state of Georgia. With this situation at hand, I had to stick to reviewing the previous week’s “The Last Exorcism.”

Now I’m not a professional, but doesn’t the Restricted rating card clearly read UNDER 17 REQUIRES ACCOMPANYING PARENT OR ADULT GUARDIAN? Under 17? Huh. So WHY on earth is Georgia now required to move up the age restriction to 18, the age to get into NC-17? Yes, I understand that content is getting more extreme by the day and the MPAA is inconsistent with their ratings, but if the MPAA finds it too offensive, they should just rate the film NC-17. It should be their job to regulate which people can get into what movies, not the local theater.

I have absolutely no idea why this rule has been made. I hope that the people who conceived this idea actually come to their senses and realize that this is an absolutely brainless decree. The rating system was set up for a purpose: to warn people of what kind of content they would get in a movie. What began as a warning soon became an enforced principle at movie theaters. And now the theaters think they can rewrite the history of the rating system. In regards to what the MPAA created, the new idea is unconstitutional.

Oh, and as a sidenote, “The Last Exorcism” was surprisingly pretty good. Review up some other time.

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